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    What Same Day Business Delivery Service Really Means: Delivery Times, Who to Call, & More!

    In today's world, consumers tend to appreciate anything that saves time.

    Many of us jump at the chance to save a few hours shopping online rather than in stores. Quite a few of us pay our regular monthly bills almost entirely on the internet or via electronic drafts that are deducted without much effort on our part throughout the year. We skip lengthy phone calls, opting for emails or texts that eliminate the need for small talk.

    It isn't hard to believe that we welcome the opportunity to ship items quickly. Speedy delivery services have become a widely used convenience in both our personal and professional lives.

    In fact, according to research by PwC, 88% of customers are willing to pay higher prices in exchange for faster shipping methods.

    Read on to find out what same day business delivery really means and how it might benefit you!

    Is Same Day Business Delivery Service Too Good to Be True?

    Not long ago, shipping options were usually limited to two-day service. And, sometimes, even that turned out to be a fluke. 

    How many of us have anticipated a package that we've designated for two-day delivery, yet had to wait longer than we had hoped for its' arrival?

    Naturally, our past experiences created hesitation when overnight delivery became available. And, again, many of us were disappointed when relying on retailers to deliver our items the very next day.

    If you've ever been caught in a battle with a retailer's delivery department, you may have reservations about trusting same-day delivery services. Can they actually live up to their name?

    If you aren't willing to trust that your personal packages will be delivered on the same day, how could you possibly entrust same day business delivery services? After all, these deliveries might impact the future of your entire career.

    Luckily, you don't have to put your faith in the department of the company with whom you're placing a business order. Now, there are businesses completely devoted to making sure that your packages are delivered on time, as expected.

    Professional Shipping Services Open the Door to New Possibilities

    Just as we trust our favorite clothing stores to create high-quality threads, we also tend to trust that a company whose business is strictly shipping will come through as well.

    Thanks to advances in technology and travel, today's business delivery services are able to guarantee shipments will arrive in less than twenty-four hours.

    While big-name corporations, such as Google and Amazon, are attempting to offer customers their items within just hours after placing an order, their services have received mixed reviews. Unfortunately, consumers have claimed some confusion over delivery times and inconsistent results when using the biggest brands in the retail biz.

    But, when you narrow your expectations to include companies that specialize in same-day delivery services, you have a much better chance of reporting a positive outcome.

    Separating Truth From Fiction With Same-Day Delivery Services

    Same day delivery service is intended to be just what it appears.

    Customers can order items to be shipped from their home or business, and, when they specify same day delivery, they can expect those items will be delivered by the close of business that very day.

    However, if you are trying this service for the first time, or choosing same day services for your company, you might be better off sticking with the experts.

    By way of overnight courier tracking, some delivery professionals are able to guarantee that your business packages will be delivered at the speed of light.

    Okay, perhaps their services are not guaranteed exactly at the speed of light, but they do promise to cut awfully close.

    How Can Same-Day Delivery Benefit Your Business?

    When you choose to offer your customers same-day delivery service through a credible courier, you have the opportunity to outperform your competitors.

    Since the dawning of online retail, consumers have become accustomed to having practically every type of product available at their fingertips.

    Not only that, but it's become easier than ever to comparative shop. You can often check out prices from a multitude of online retailers in less than a minute's time. This has been great for customers, who are typically trying to get the most for their money, but not-as-great for retail companies.

    Now, retailers have an increased pressure to maintain prices at or lower than thousands of their online competitors. Since prices tend to vary ever-so-slightly, quick-shipping methods offer the chance to attract consumers over your competition, who may not be able to match same-day delivery times.

    When your company can ensure that products and packages will deliver in just a few hours, you instantly become more attractive in their eyes. This is especially true if there is little to no difference in pricing schedules when compared to similar brands.

    Today, businesses are racing against their competition to deliver products and services in the least amount of time. 

    This is why same day business delivery has the power to put your company ahead of your competitors.

    See for Yourself What Same Day Delivery Service Means For Your Business!

    Want to find out for yourself what same-day business delivery really means?

    Much more than speedy deliveries, same-day service can help you stand out to potential customers. And, many customers are willing to pay more to businesses whose products are guaranteed to arrive sooner than the rest.

    Let our same-day business couriers show you how our guaranteed delivery services can benefit your company.

    Get a quick quote for your next same-day shipment right now!


    5 Reasons Same Day Courier Service Is Important to Your Business

    Toto, we are not in Kansas anymore. There are faster, more reliable options to deliver your packages than UPS and FedEx. Like a same day courier service.


    Maybe you're thinking it's not a big deal. Maybe you're thinking you've already made the sale and it doesn't matter what happens now. Suit yourself. You're wrong though.

    In fact, research shows that 37% of online shoppers won't return to a retailer if they're dissatisfied with the delivery service. Suddenly it makes sense why Best Buy thinks expanding their same day delivery service will help boost sales.

    Seriously. Stop wasting your time and your customers' time. No one's a fan of that. Here are five reasons why a same day courier can help your bottom line.

    1. More Time, Less Hassle

    So you requested that delivery. Two weeks ago. You wait. You wait. And really you needed that delivery two weeks ago. But you're still waiting, which means you can't do what you need to do on account of waiting.

    Or, your customer can't do what they need to do. It's a global productivity issue: one that annihilates your customer loyalty faster than you can say "hello." Know what makes it easier? Cutting out the waiting period.

    Enter, same day courier service. The package goes from you to your customer in hours. No fuss. No worries. Everybody's happy. It's a beautiful thing, isn't it?

    2. More Money in the Bank

    Remember what we just said about a customer loyalty problem? See, we live in an age of Amazon (however you may feel about that.) People want what they want when they want it, preferably delivered early.

    If you can be the company that offers same day delivery and actually delivers, you know, the same day? Surprise: Your customers are pretty happy about that.

    Know what happy customers do? They keep buying from you because they agree that you're so much better than the other guy. It's why they bought from you in the first place because they assumed that statement was true.

    Prove them right in that assumption. Here's another way to think about it. When you have an in-house delivery service, it means you have to keep a retainer of in-town riders or vans.

    In theory, that's a great plan, except that your primary focus isn't actually on the delivery of the product. It's on you and the product.

    A same day courier service, on the other hand, is invested in keeping customers on both ends of the equation happy. That equals a level of professionalism you just can't find when you try to use your own employees, which winds up as a much higher ROI.

    3. More Productivity Means More Focus

    As a business owner, time is money. As in, you get paid for your time and so do your employees -- by customers who pay you to make the most of their time.

    Here's the thing. You've got a business to run and customers to keep happy. The last thing you can afford to do is to waste time a) worrying about when your delivery will arrive or b) worrying that your delivery guy or gal is fast enough.

    When you hire a same day courier service, you're not just saving your customer the waiting time.

    You're also saving yourself all that time you originally spent worrying about whether your delivery would pull through.

    Think of what you could do with all that time. Get coffee. Make coffee. Make a sandwich.

    Or do something really off the wall like focus on your business objectives to build a better production process and deliver a better consumer experience to all your loyal customers.

    4. A Relationship of Trust

    Here's the other thing about hiring a same day courier service. It tells your customer something about you.

    Like we've been saying all along: Happy customers are paying customers and paying customers are the strength of any truly successful business.

    When you offer your customers a quality product with same-day delivery, and you actually do that same day delivery when they select it, you're showing them that you've invested the time to care about what they get.

    They feel honored that you care. They feel honored that you would invest so much time in their customer experience. And they'll tell their family and friends about how awesome you are, and how you can be relied on to deliver.

    5. Make Life Easier, For You and Your Customer

    We're all dreaming of that hammock on a tropical beach with a daiquiri and a lazy breeze. We can't all have what we want.

    We can, however, make our lives easier. That's what same day delivery is for.

    Think about last Friday when you wanted pizza. The world was about to end if you didn't have some pizza.

    Back in the days of yore, you would've had to make the dough, make the sauce, probably even make the cheese. The glory of pizza probably did not overcome your impatience to eat the pizza, and you probably didn't wind up making it yourself.

    In this case, being able to pick up the phone and have a pizza there in an hour is basically a gift from the gods.

    Same story with same day courier service. Sometimes, you need something to get from point A to point B immediately.

    Or you're just as impatient with all your deliveries as you are with your pizza. Which is fair. It is pizza.

    Welcome to the bright side of the 21st century, where your deliveries can travel (almost) as fast as your pizza. It's a wonderful world we live in.

    The Same Day Courier Service You Need

    So you're thinking you're ready to invest in a same day courier service, are you? Good thing you came to the right place.

    Our services run the range from rush and on-demand couriers to shipping freight and pre-scheduled routed delivery. If you need it now, we'll get it there.

    If you're ready to take the plunge, click to get a quick quote.



    8 Ways Scheduled Delivery Can Benefit Your Business

    Curious about how you can benefit your business just by delivering goods?

    Businesses have tons of options when it comes to delivering their specific products to customers. With the rise of many digital platforms, delivery is now becoming headache-free and hands-off for a number of companies.

    As a business owner, you may have looked into scheduled delivery as an option for getting products to your buyers. Scheduled delivery can actually do a lot for your business beyond just getting goods to customers in a timely fashion.

    Read on to learn more about how scheduling your product deliveries can positively impact your business.

    1. Maximize Customer Satisfaction

    Giving your customers the option of selecting a scheduled delivery for the goods they're purchasing means that they get to choose a set time and date for those goods to show up on their doorstep.

    You, of course, get to decide what those times and dates are based on warehousing capabilities and shipping areas. However, most scheduled delivery times are fast, convenient, and work with each customer's given schedule.

    With scheduled deliveries, your customers don't have to wait around hoping their package will show up sometime soon. They also don't have to constantly track their package in hopes that it will arrive when they want it.

    Your customers will know exactly when they are receiving what they paid for. As a result, your company's customer satisfaction rates are likely to increase. Who doesn't like timely deliveries?

    2. Transfer Goods in A Secure Manner

    Transporting products in a secure manner is important for your reputation as a business and provider of goods.

    Scheduled deliveries rely on professional carriers to take charge of your shipping and get your packages to the right doorsteps when your customers want them. These carriers, like A1Express Courier, use highly secure means of shipping so that packages arrive in pristine condition.

    Carriers will sometimes require signatures from recipients upon package arrival to ensure secure shipping. They also will stay on top of shipping confirmations so that packages have a guaranteed arrival time and date.

    3. Save Time and Money

    Shipping products can take a lot of time and money, especially if you operate a small business or a startup. In fact, many big businesses routinely lose money on shipping costs.

    As shipping costs get more and more expensive, and as e-commerce gets more popular, businesses are constantly looking for ways to cut costs and time spent waiting in line at the post office.

    Scheduled delivery services can do just that. You'll save money on packaging and shipping costs by hiring a professional courier to ship goods on the right time and schedule.

    Because you are hiring a delivery service, you don't have to waste time putting packages together and sending them off. You can direct your valuable attention elsewhere.

    4. Influence Purchase Decisions

    When you give your customers the option of scheduled deliveries, you will have to let online shoppers know their deadlines for making a purchase in order to guarantee a delivery by a certain time.

    By telling customers that they only have two hours to make a decision if they want to get something by the next day, you can subtly influence purchases. Customers may be more likely to follow through on a purchase if they know they have a deadline.

    5. Find Another Marketing Solution

    Scheduled deliveries offer a convenient and fast option to customers for shipping. As a result, you can use this option as a form of marketing.

    You can advertise the fact that you offer scheduled deliveries in your promotional materials. This is similar to some companies advertising free shipping on certain orders or during certain windows.

    Customers continue to be lured by shipping offers, especially during the holiday season.

    6. Stay Competitive

    Many online shoppers seek out ways to save money on shipping or get goods delivered to their doorstep on their schedule. Businesses can stay competitive simply by giving their customers the option of scheduled delivery.

    You can keep ahead of your competitors simply by hiring a professional courier to take care of your shipping needs and schedule out deliveries as requested.

    7. Streamline the Shipping Process

    Scheduled deliveries are routine, guaranteed, and easy. You'll know exactly when goods are being sent out and when they are set to arrive in a postal box or on a doorstep.

    You'll be able to establish pick up times by phone, email, or app. You'll get price quotes immediately as well as email notifications of pickup and delivery.

    When you hire a professional courier, you choose an efficient and streamlined shipping process. You'll be able to track the path of any package with confidence. You will also have the luxury of clear communication throughout the entire process.

    Organizing shipping needs and costs with your company maximizes your business's overall efficiency.

    8. Have Options

    It's important to have lots of shipping options at the ready as a business owner.

    Scheduled delivery gives you the options of refrigerated deliveries, warehousing, air freight, same-day, rush, and home deliveries. No matter what you choose, you'll have licensed and professional couriers taking care of it.

    You get to decide what your customers need. Professional couriers will give you the means to do this.

    How Scheduled Delivery Can Benefit Your Business

    Delivery is an important factor of customer experience. It can make or break your customer base, lead to increased profit margins, and even help you expand as a business.

    When determining delivery options for your customers, it's important to choose an option that will benefit you the most as a business owner. Scheduled delivery is at the top of the list for options that can make your life easier and make your customers consistently happy.

    Scheduling deliveries helps save time and money, streamlines the shipping process, and guarantees the secure transfer of goods. It can influence purchasing decisions and improve customer satisfaction, leading to a larger customer base and increased profit margins.

    At ASAP Courier, we understand the benefits that scheduled delivery can bring to your business. We provide professional courier service that includes warehousing, rush and on-demand, air freight, refrigerated delivery, and more. Our expert service has been giving peace of mind to businesses since day one.

    Contact us today to get a free quote or learn more about how you can harness the power of delivery to jumpstart your business!



    How Can Final Mile Delivery Benefit Your Business?

    How Can Final Mile Delivery Benefit Your Business?

    Once a product leaves the final shipping station and leaves for delivery to the customer, it's known as the last mile.

    This phase in the process is when the customer sees the dreaded "on the way to your location" message. Your delivery is now in purgatory, an untrackable land that both exists and doesn't.

    There is a better way to handle Schrodinger's parcel.

    Final mile delivery takes the guesswork out of the process.

    What is this delivery service and how can it help your business? We're glad you asked.

    What Is Final Mile Delivery

    Instead of waiting for your delivery, it gets picked up directly from the shipping station. The service allows you to skip the last part of the delivery process.

    The delivery arrives at your home or office, taken to the room you want it, gets unpacked, and in some cases, set up. The best part is the cleanup of all the packing materials!

    What Are the Benefits?


    You shouldn't have to guess when a delivery will arrive at the office. With final mile delivery, you can get on with your day.

    The idea is simple: since someone is picking it up and delivering it straight to you, you'll have an idea of the exact time it's coming. If you need it early in the day, that's when you'll get it.

    If the delivery is for a customer, this benefit is crucial. Customers expect to have an accurate pickup time.

    Financial Savings

    The least effective and highest costing step in the delivery process is the final mile.

    Getting the delivery from the distribution center and warehouse to a business increases costs. Fuel, labor, and storage costs are a part of your bill; the longer the delivery process, the more you pay!

    Final mile delivery solves this problem by cutting out part of the process. Delivery specialists can pick up deliveries at the location that provides you the most savings and get you your product faster.

    Item Protection

    Mistakes happen. The more times your delivery moves from one person or place to another, the chances of mistakes increase.

    Final mile delivery cuts out many of the steps, eliminating much of the risk.

    Think about this: UPS and other delivery drivers are always under pressure. Their company monitors their every move, trying to determine how they can edge seconds off of delivery times.

    Drivers know that they have around 150 deliveries or more each day. If they work a twelve-hour shift, that's 12.5 minutes per delivery including drive time!

    Do you want your cargo to be in the hands of a driver that can't stop to breathe for five minutes? This system lends itself to errors and accidents.

    Final mile delivery doesn't have this problem. Delivery specialists can focus on your package, ensuring its safe arrival.

    Real-Time Tracking

    If you track a delivery from most companies, you'll get a generic message such as "arrived in Memphis" on your screen. This information is a small fraction of what you need to know.

    When is the package expected to leave? Are there any weather or equipment delays? Many customers don't realize that it's up to them to notice lost deliveries!

    These are problems that final mile delivery answers with real-time tracking. Your time is too valuable for you to sit around and guess when something will show up.


    When you get a delivery, the best case scenario is that the package makes it inside of your business. Worst case, it's left outside for you or someone else to bring in.

    If the delivery is breakable or sensitive in nature, this is an obvious problem. It increases the chance that something will break because another person is handling it. Sensitive materials run the risk of theft or misplacement.

    Once the delivery is inside, there's still the problem of setting it up. This step requires more time most businesses don't have.

    Final mile delivery is a holistic approach to delivery. Not only is the delivery made, but the items are set up in your business.

    Retail companies get their delivery and have displays up right away, increasing their customer's exposure to the items.

    Companies save money and their sales increase. It's a win-win for everybody.

    The Service Is Always Evolving

    Delivery logistics offer special challenges for small businesses. Large corporations often manage the flow of their products from one distribution center to the next.

    For a majority of businesses, this level of control is not possible. These companies are reliant upon pre-existing distribution routes that set their own pricing.

    Final mile delivery continues to take steps to solve these problems. Many services are now using delivery lockers that hold products for customers to pick up at a location of their choice.

    Drones and other new delivery methods are being implemented as well, increasing the speed of service. This revolution will increase the speed of small package deliveries from a day to a few hours.

    The service is also creating extra streams of income for truckers and other delivery personnel. These workers perform the delivery and set up. They enjoy working without many of the cumbersome regulations traditional delivery services face.

    With better technology, the service will get cheaper than it is today. Small businesses will see increased ability to manage their costs and compete with the big-box retailers that plague them.

    Deliveries within an urban area are of particular interest. Parking and the close proximity of businesses make delivering goods challenging. Many of these improvements improve service and productivity in these areas.

    We Have the Answers to Your Logistics Problems

    Customer's demands increase every year. They expect their product to arrive on time and in perfect condition. Meeting this demand keeps them coming back for more and relies upon your deliveries running smoothly.

    If you rely on deliveries to keep your business running, we have the perfect solution for your needs.

    From final mile delivery to rush courier and on-demand services, we offer services designed with your business in mind. We've spent the last 70 years helping companies with their shipping needs.

    Get a free quote on final mile services and start saving money and time today!



    BBC News Examines Sainsbury's Take on Its' Same-Day Grocery Delivery

    When same-day groceries becomes a service that shoppers begin to find attractive, retailers begin to take notice and try to find how to get it done. In the past, the barrier proved to be technology, but not any longer. The advancement in ways to utilize technology to maximize profit from volume is what is making the difference. Sainsbury is one of London's largest grocery chain retailers that has initiated same-day grocery delivery in 30 stores, anticipating positive results.

    BBC News discussed with Sainsbury and examined the new pilot program. In the discussion, Sainsbury mentioned the driver behind same-day groceries stemmed from the demand and success of its' next-day delivery. When it began to test Same-Day Delivery, customer sales indicated that they wanted the service. Sainsbury stated its' focus is on giving its' customers what they want. Essentially, if their customers wanted it, they were going to give it a try.

    At one of Sainsbury's stores, BBC examined with the processes behind same-day grocery delivery from beginning to end that impact the success of it. A same-day grocery employee there talked about the importance of the picking aspect of it. She would have to go around the store and pick all of the items for the online order and put them in a storage bin for delivery later that day. This part of the service is time consuming. Also, when it comes to fresh fruits and vegetables, the employee couldn't just pick anything. She had to make sure they were ripe, not rotten. This is just one of the aspects of same-day grocery delivery that isn't seen daily that customers don't see, but retailers are fully aware of.

    After the items were picked and stored for the day, the time came when the orders had to be delivered. The store had 45 orders to complete later that afternoon, and BBC went with Sainsbury to deliver them. At one of the homes, BBC spoke with a customer about the service and their opinion of it. The customer stated he used it before and he liked it. The convenience of same-day grocery service was the core driver for him, and for 5 pounds, it was worth not having to go himself.

    Three out of the big four grocery retailers in the London area, including Sainsbury, have all implemented a model of the service. Tesco has its' "click-and-collect" service in London and the South-East in over 300 locations. Morrisons has partnered with Amazon Fresh, which Amazon continues to expand beyond the US. The e-retailer has Amazon Fresh in several major US cities and is probably in pursuit of a high level of growth in London. Grocery retailer Asda is the exception, being the only one that currently has not decided to engage in same-day grocery.

    The same has occurred in the US in which some grocery retailers have jumped into same-day delivery, such as Whole Foods and Wal-Mart. Yet, others have not. Either way, customer demand is driving the quest for more convenience wherever they can get it. For grocery stores seeking to roll-out a same-day grocery program of their own, a Same-Day Courier like A-1 Express is a viable option to optimally fulfill online orders in no time. The Chicago Courier has the delivery expertise nationwide that retailers can take advantage of and start literally meeting their customers right where they are.

    Reference: 1.25.17, BBC News, Why same-day online food shopping is the next big thing